Narcolepsy Link Clinical Skill Building Series

Several critically important clinical skills are involved in making a narcolepsy diagnosis, including symptom recognition, conducting the clinical interview, and interpreting sleep laboratory test results. The Narcolepsy Link Clinical Skill Building Series provides instructional videos to help clinicians refine these clinical skills.

Choose a video to watch a narcolepsy expert explain how to uncover cataplexy during a clinical interview or interpret sleep laboratory test results.

Uncovering Cataplexy in the Clinical Interview

“Patients may be unable to give a clear history of their cataplexy.”1,2

The presentation of cataplexy differs widely among narcolepsy patients.1,3,4 Learn the necessary skills to help recognize cataplexy in your patients during the clinical interview.


A Deeper Look at Sleep Laboratory Testing

“Sleep laboratory testing is a critically important part of the diagnostic process.”1

It is important for sleep laboratory tests to be completed under appropriate conditions.1 Listen to a sleep specialist explain how he interprets laboratory results in the clinical context of a patient.