What Is Narcolepsy Link?

Narcolepsy Link provides an array of programs, education materials, and resources to help facilitate early recognition of narcolepsy. Narcolepsy Link hopes to assist people with narcolepsy by:

  • Educating doctors and patients about the signs and symptoms of narcolepsy

  • Empowering patients to seek help

  • Improving communication between doctors and patients by providing tools to help patients recognize and record their symptoms and discuss them with their doctors

Narcolepsy Link Steering Committee

Members of the Narcolepsy Link Steering Committee include experts in sleep and narcolepsy from varying areas of clinical practice, including sleep medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and family medicine. Steering Committee members are paid consultants of Jazz Pharmaceuticals. 


Tom Roth, PhD
Director, Sleep Disorders and Research Center
Henry Ford Hospital

Commitee Members

Richard Bogan, MD
President and Medical Director, SleepMed of South Carolina
Chairman and Chief Medical Officer, SleepMed, Inc

Jonathan Schwartz, MD
Medical Director, Integris Sleep Disorders Center of Oklahoma
Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Larry Culpepper, MD, MPH
Professor of Family Medicine, Boston University

Karl Doghramji, MD
Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology, and Medicine
Medical Director, Jefferson Sleep Disorders Center
Program Director, Fellowship in Sleep Medicine
Thomas Jefferson University

Michael Thorpy, MD
Director, Sleep-Wake Disorders Center
Montefiore Medical Center
Professor of Clinical Neurology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine